Dominican Sisters of St Catherine of Siena, Gusau, Nigeria


One thing I ask of the Lord. This I long to dwell in the house of the Lord,
all the days of my life.


Admission Requirement includes:

  • Baptized, Confirmed and a Communicant
  • Good physical and mental health
  • A minimum of five (5) credits in SSCE/WAEC/NECO/GCE including English Language and Mathematics

Age 18-25 years (WAEC/NECO)

Age 18 – 28 years (NCE/OND)

Age 18 – 32 years (HND/DEGREE)


If you feel God is calling you to join us then

  1. Fill the Application Forms by clicking the link provided above, and
  2. send your Signed Autobiography and Passport Photograph to:

The Vocation Promoter
Dominican Sisters’ Novitiate
P. O. Box 2029
Yakyor, Makurdi, Benue State


Instructions for Writing your AutoBiography
The following questions will give you some ideas that will help you describe what makes YOU a person different from everyone else. Please, read them over carefully before you begin writing and keep them in mind as you write. Weave the idea they give you into your autobiography.

(Please your autobiography should not be less than seven pages)


  1. THE PRESENT                    “what kind of person am I?”
  1. Describe yourself to someone who has never seen you. Would your friends describe you in the same way? Are you the same person to your parents, at home, to friends, in class and in social activities? If not in what way are you different?
  2. Is your physical appearance or health different from that of others? In what way? How does it affect you?
  3. How do you feel about dad, your mother, your brothers and sisters?
  4. What kind of work do you like to do best, and the least? How does routine affect you?
  5. Do you enjoy sports? If so, what is your favourite sport? Do you like to read? What type of reading do you actually do?
  6. What are your likes and dislikes? What special interests do you have? Do you have a hobby? If so, what is it? How do you spend your leisure time?
  7. Do you have special moods, such as saneness at sometimes and at other times excessive energy?
  8. What are your special activities? Do you prefer to associate with many friends? Or do you prefer to spend your time with just one or two friends? Do you change friends frequently? If so, why? What qualities of your friends attract you? Since no one is perfect, list the qualities of your friends that annoy you.
  9. Do you have any handicaps that might contribute to making you the person you are? Are there any things at which you are better than other people you know? What things?


  1. THE PAST    “How did I get to be the person that I am”
  1. What things in your family history have influenced you? Consider such things as family interests, family friends, relatives, occupation of parents, economic status, attitudes of parents, practice of religion, religious experiences, special family events, places you have lived, influences of brothers and sisters.
  2. What kind of people do you choose as friends? Why do you choose them? How do they influence you? Do you lead them in activities or do you follow them? Name the five persons that you have felt close to emotionally. After each name indicate their relationship to you and the personality characteristics you cherish most.
  3. Have you been permitted to make your own decisions in matters that were really important to you?
  4. Have you felt understood by your parents, your teachers? Have they given you the attention you thought you should have? Has this made a difference to you?
  5. What life experiences most influenced you when you were between ages 0-5, 5-12, 12-18, 18 - present? Do you know why? What things have you done that have given you great satisfaction? Did you have any unpleasant experiences that have given you great dissatisfaction? Why?
  6. What activities, social or otherwise, in school or out, have you especially enjoyed? What influences have they had on you? Are there any activities in which you would have liked to participate but you were not allowed to? Which ones and why?
  7. Did you always enjoy going to school? Why or why not? Do you remember anything that happened in school that might have had a special influence on you, such as an embarrassing moment, special school honours or recognition?
  8. What occupation have you had? What three things do you like best about this work? Three things that you like least?
  9. Has there been anything about your health that has had some lasting effect on you? In what way?


  1. THE FUTURE                      “What do I hope to become”
  1. Do you have some idea about the life of a Dominican Sister? Do you know something about the type of preparation that you will receive when you enter?
  2. Who has helped you in your plans to become a religious Sister? Who has opposed your plans?
  3. How long have you wanted to be a Dominican religious? Have you considered any other careers, and if yes, why have you change your mind
  4. Have you had enough confidence in yourself in the past to go ahead with your plans even though it was difficult to do so? Is that still the case?
  5. Is there anything about yourself that you would like to change?
  6. How do your ideas of what you are now match with what you hope to be?
  7. What do you think will be your greatest satisfactions in your life as a Dominican Sister? What will be your greatest dissatisfactions?

Remember to Sign your Autobiography at the end and attach a Passport Photograph of yourself


For any further questions, reach us at:


Tel: 07069219568, 08032893242, 07085464634




Date: 2023-09-15 - 2023-09-20

WHOM SHALL I SEND? Isiaih 6:8 Young women who feel called to become Dominican Sisters are invited to participate in our 2023 Aspirants' Week/Interview. Date: 15th to 20th September, 2023 Venue: Dominican Sisters' Novitiate, Yakyor, Makurdi Contact phone numbers: 099063305339, 09073679140

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